Top 5 Reasons to Travel by Ferry

Traveling by ferry is one of the most luxurious, yet cheaper and more environmentally ways to travel. Whether you are alone or with your family or friends, you will never get bored. In the high-class, more developed countries, ferries provide passengers with world-class facilities, such as entertainment rooms, playgrounds for kids, restaurants, cinemas, shops, swimming pools, elevators, comfy seats, free Internet access, well-equipped toilets, baby changing rooms, pet cabins, reclining seats, and more!

These are one of the reasons why ferries are very popular among tourists – because it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the travel compared to having a road trip or flight, where all you can do is eat and sleep. It is said that in more developed countries, their ferry service is safer, for example, in the US, people think that traveling by ferries is safer than travelling by flight.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel by Ferry

When we have kids, the way we plan holidays changes forever and we want the easiest and most convenient way to travel. OK, so cost is still a factor, but getting to your destination happy and calm rather than tired and frazzled is important. Especially when you have very little ones!

Today, we’re looking at reasons why travelling by ferry, when you’re planning a trip to Ireland and Europe (or beyond!) can be a fantastic idea for parents looking for a nice easy journey.

Ferries vs Flights. We have compare two travelling options for a family to see how easily and comfortably they can reach their destination.


You will have no problem with the amount of luggage you bring, unlike airports, where you’re required to control the amount of luggage you have, due to the restricted baggage limit allowed per person. On ferries, you can just pack everything you want to bring without having to worry about baggage limits. Your suitcases will not be weighed. As long as you can take care of your belongings, you can bring it on board.


you can take your oun car and bikes when travelling by ferry, but you hire a car or bike when travelling by plane.


Although, prices do depend on where you plan on going. However, it is easier to find much more situations where traveling by ferry is cheaper than going by airplane or flight.


When you’re booking a flight, it’s so easy to forget about the check-in time adding to the total journey time. It can be loads quicker to take the ferry, when you consider that check-in time is 45 minutes rather than the usual 2 hours for flights.


As well as being able to walk around, rather than being restricted to a small seat, there are kids’ play areas on many ferries. You can go to the cafe or shop to get some snacks for the kids and some ferries even have a cinema on-board. Many now have free wifi, so older kids can use tablets and you can check your onward route and travel plans if you need to.

If you live in the UK, a visit to Ireland or Europe is more than manageable in terms of both distance and cost. Many people are turning to ferry travel when it comes to travelling between the UK, Ireland and Europe. Ferries offer a comfortable and fast way to travel; in fact, with no hidden charges added to the fare, ferry travel often costs less than travelling by air.

So take advantage of ferry travel to Ireland and Europe today, with so many benefits, you’ll see just why millions of people choose this fantastic mode of travel each year.

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